Most of the budget phones lacks free RAM available for other applications. This is where they lag in performance.

But there are options and various softwares available in Playstore to increase your RAM size by creating virtual RAM in your SDCard.

Simply download following two softwares to increase RAM in your android phone:-

First Software is - Swapper for root

Second Software is - Swapper2

Steps for increasing RAM

Run Swapper for Root after installing it.

Click on Active Swap on boot.

Set swap file partition to - "SD Card FAT Partition"

Enter "512" or "256" or the size you want in swap file size(in MB).

Click Save

Note - It will take few minutes depending upon the swap size.

After that Run Swapper2

Click on ads off.

Go to settings.

Check "Run swapper at startup" 

Go to swap place and change it to "/sdcard/swap.swp".

Click on swap size and choose 256 Mb

Select swappiness and set it to 100.

Check the boxes "Safe Unmount" and "Safe Remount".

Go to "Advanced Prefrences"

Check the box "Reformat swap".

Go back to main screen .

Click "ON" Button.

Wait for some time till it shows "All Done!"

Now you are done enjoy applications which needs more RAM

All the best.

Note - Methods mentioned above may corrupt your card or android OS. We are not held responsible for anything happen to your phone. You are at your own risk.


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