There is no need to buy or install Office to PDF converter.

Fast and easy way to convert office document into PDF files.

Microsoft is providing a small plug in for Office to save Office docs in PDF.

After installing this plug-in, a new option of "Save as PDF or XPS" will appear in the "Save As" menu.

By just on a click you can save your Office docs into PDF.

Official Link to Microsoft Download Center

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Now experience Tab browsing feature in Microsoft Office using a small plug in. It is safe, secure and light also. Main feature is to add tabs for each new doc in Office.

OfficeTab (v1.21) is a freeware add on plug-in for Microsoft Office developed by Chinese Developer.

It is compatible up to Office 2007.

You can open many tabs in the same Office window.

Some of the features

Easily switch back and forth between the documents

View them side by side within one window.

Official Site (Translated page)


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