Do you want to make Slide presentations with following effects:-

Tons of dazzling, enticing, colorful, and just-plain tasty animated, text, and transitional effects.

Then http://www.slide-effect.com/home">Slide Effect is a solution. It's user friendly like drag and drop features, and in a few clicks specify the animations, colors, and effects for each one. Select a background by clicking on its thumbnail, choose the transitions you want to use between slides. Pictures, movies and text can be automatically animated in time to the music's volume, or its bass, medium, or treble readings.

With the advance features of slide effect you can make professional looking slide presentations which will have great impact on your audience.

More Features

Apply special effects like:-

* Sparks

* Flames

* Moving

* Rotation

* Fade in/out

Effects on slide-to-slide transitions are:-

* 3D flip

* 3D Window

* Rotation

* Fade in/out

Other Valuable Features:-

* Standalone executable Slide Presentation: export your presentation as an installable program.

* Standalone Slide screensaver: export your presentation as an installable screensaver.

* Web Movie: put your presentation in your favorite web page.

* DVD Format Movie: export your presentation as a movie and then create a movie DVD using your favorite DVD burning software.

http://www.slide-effect.com/download+free+trial">Try the Slideeffect

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