Area Converters

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Here are few sites where you can resolve problem of Area conversion from one unit to other.

  • Area Converter – Visit Here

  • Calculate and measure the square foot, square yard, acres, guntha, biswa, bighas or square inch volume of any given area – Indian Land Area Conversion Calculator here.

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Why Temporary Email Ids
Most of the time you have to register at some sites with valid email ids. But you don't want to expose your email id as this may lead to flow of spam in your ids. Therefore best way is to have temporary or disposable email ids which remain valid for little time and expires after that. Moreover you don't require registration in these sites too. Here is a list of few Popular Service providers providing free temporary Email ids or mailbox.

  • 10MinuteMail - Provides 10 minute email id.
  • Mailinator - One of the topmost and favourable temporary mailbox provider like something@mailinator.com
  • DontReg – This is one of the bigger and safest temporary email service providers.
  • PookMail – Provides multilingual temporary email ids in the format like something@pookmail.com
  • MyTrashMail - Another good one with format with added advantage of secure temporary mail box on signup like something@trashymail.com
  • SpamBox – Provide free email id with facilities like lifetime span and in the format like something@spambox.us
  • GuerillaMail – Provides free email id with 15 minutes validity period and offer a temporary email service for your website too.
  • SpamHole - Provides 2 hour long temporary email inbox in the format like something@spamhole.com.
  • SpamFree24 – This is also very popular temporary email service provider.
  • MailExpire - Provides temporary mailbox with validity period from 12 hrs to 3 months
  • TemporaryInbox – Provide free email address in different formats
  • MailEater – Provide free email box in format like something@MailEater.com
  • Jetable – Provide free email id with facilities like lifetime span plus email forwarding etc.

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