MKV is a Matroska Video File format similar to popoularly known format avi. MKV is a matroska video format. It is actually a video and audio container. Its an open standard file container. The question is how to play files with .mkv extension? You need matroska player or you can download certain codecs which works perfectly with your existing player like windows media player. The list of players, codecs and their source is given below:-

a.) VLC Player - VLC player supports Matroska files and can play files like videos or audios with .mkv extension. More on VLC player. It can be downloaded from here.

b.) Codecs - You can also download various codecs for playing .mkv file in windows media player. Some of the codecs are:-

* KLM Codecs - More on KLM Codecs

* X Codec - More on X Codec * FLV Codec - More on FLV codec

c.) Matroska Players for different operating system can be downloaded from here.

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