There is no need to buy or install Office to PDF converter.

Fast and easy way to convert office document into PDF files.

Microsoft is providing a small plug in for Office to save Office docs in PDF.

After installing this plug-in, a new option of "Save as PDF or XPS" will appear in the "Save As" menu.

By just on a click you can save your Office docs into PDF.

Official Link to Microsoft Download Center

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Now experience Tab browsing feature in Microsoft Office using a small plug in. It is safe, secure and light also. Main feature is to add tabs for each new doc in Office.

OfficeTab (v1.21) is a freeware add on plug-in for Microsoft Office developed by Chinese Developer.

It is compatible up to Office 2007.

You can open many tabs in the same Office window.

Some of the features

Easily switch back and forth between the documents

View them side by side within one window.

Official Site (Translated page)


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Call Free from USA to INDIA, Australia, UK, , Belgium, Brazil (Rio De Janerio), Canada, China, Christmas & Coco's Island, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland (Warsaw), Portugal, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, UK etc. Features 0208 497 8844 – More on Official Site
Call Free to USA, India, China, Australia, UK etc

Want to call free for unlimited time then here is a solution for you.

There are so many companies who offers access numbers which act as gateway number. You will get a dial tone after dialing that access number and then you can call to your destination country by simply dialing the number with Country, Area and city code as prefix.

As most of the US based fixed line and mobile phones include free local call so your calls to these access numbers are almost free and thus your international calls too.

Some of the access numbers:-

From USA

712-858-8094 - AllFreeCalls.net

  • No Sign-ups

  • Privacy Guaranteed

  • Unlimited Calls

  • No Limit On Call Length

  • Call from Anywhere, Anytime

From UK

07744 910 910

844 838 5825 - More details on Official Site

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Doodle 4 Google My India Competition.

Design Google Logo.

Doodle 4 Google for Indian Students.

Register for Doodle 4 Google

Google is occasionally changing it's logo depending upon festival, season, some celebrations etc. Now Google is giving a chance to Indian Students between Class 1 to 10 to design their own Google Logo by throwing a Doodle 4 Google competition around the theme 'My India'.

While launching the competition, Google Head of Consumer Marketing Arvind Desikan said, ''Creativity, innovation, and a sense of fun are at the heart of Google's culture and beliefs. Through Doodle 4 Google, we hope to celebrate the immense creative talent and richness of ideas of students across the country. We are delighted to be able to give school students across India the opportunity to doodle for Google.''

The winning doodle i.e. Google logo will be a part of celebration of Children's day and it will be featured on the Google India homepage on November 14, Children's Day.

The winner will also get a laptop and the school he/she belongs to will get a grant of Rs 1 Lakh from Google for the technological development.

Official Site

Register Here

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Laptop Battery Care Software

Increases Life span of Laptop Battery

Here is a solution for all these requirements. Use this Battery Monitor software. Battery care is a freeware utility for optimizing usage and performance of battery. It gives complete Battery information and Monitor Battery Discharge cycle.

BatteryCare automatically selects the power plan you prefer.

It is compatible with Windows XP, and Vista and requires Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0

Official Site


Other Battery Care Software's:-

Battery Care Software List 1(Link)

Battery Care Software List 2(Link)

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Want to Print Maps from Google

Software for printing Google Maps

You can select the desired area of any location of Google Maps and print using freeware made by Augmented Reality.

You can navigate to a specific location on Google Maps and select an area for which you would like to create a map.

You can print out your map directly from the Google website but sometimes the map you want is just too big to fit onto one screen but using this tool (Google Map Buddy) you can select an area (a town, a state etc) at a zoomed-out level - then create a large image at a more zoomed-in level, and this program will stitch the images together for you.

You can create a large .png image of either the street maps or satellite images of an entire city in few seconds and that too at the highest zoom level.

So what are you waiting for try printing Google maps using this tool.

Advance Features of Google Map Buddy:-

  • Store Google Maps offline as images.
  • Print out highest zoom levels maps of entire cities.

Official Website

Download for free

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A solar eclipse occurs when the moon's orbit moves between the Earth and the Sun so that the Sun is fully or partially obstructed. According to the Met department, the solar eclipse will be witnessed in some parts of Pakistan, northern India, eastern Nepal, northern Bangladesh, Bhutan, northern parts of Myanmar and central China today 22 Jul 2009.

Here are few sites I found interesting related to it which gives you information about total solar eclipse:-

View Total Solar Eclipse Photos from World

Also see simulation of the eclipse and its orbit i.e. when it will reach where.

Watch Here

Nasa Eclipse Website: Go

More on Solar Eclipse in Encyclopedia

How to view Solar Eclipse Safely?

For Live Streaming Visit:

University Of North Dakota Site

Live Eclipse Streaming Site from China

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Hey Friends,

Today is an important day for our growth as Mr Pranab Mukherjee is declaring Union Budget for 2009-10. Here are few links for you to watch, listen, read Live Union budget 2009-10.

Live budget, Live commentary of Union Budget:-

Official Webcast from Govt of India

Live Budget Commentary

Live Coverage of Union Budget

Live Interim Budget 2009-10

Complete Budget Details

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SMS via Computer using Internet for free.

SMS to any carrier worldwide.

Use address book features for ease of use.

Send Bulk SMSs

All this in Free software Text Message Plus

Basic features include:

No charge for each message sent.

No subscription required.

More on Software

Download for free

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RemoveAny: Heaven Ward has provided a solution to remove any Anti Spyware programs like rootkits, keyloggers, trojans, downloaders and other suspicious programs. It looks for any suspicious behaviour and intimate accordingly. This software automatically updates itself and monitor running processes continuously.

RemoveAny anti-spyware features:

* Absolutely free. * Easy to install. * Monitor executable files: drivers, modules and processes. * Show additional information about executables. * Use heuristic to detect suspicious applications.


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Do you want to make Slide presentations with following effects:-

Tons of dazzling, enticing, colorful, and just-plain tasty animated, text, and transitional effects.

Then http://www.slide-effect.com/home">Slide Effect is a solution. It's user friendly like drag and drop features, and in a few clicks specify the animations, colors, and effects for each one. Select a background by clicking on its thumbnail, choose the transitions you want to use between slides. Pictures, movies and text can be automatically animated in time to the music's volume, or its bass, medium, or treble readings.

With the advance features of slide effect you can make professional looking slide presentations which will have great impact on your audience.

More Features

Apply special effects like:-

* Sparks

* Flames

* Moving

* Rotation

* Fade in/out

Effects on slide-to-slide transitions are:-

* 3D flip

* 3D Window

* Rotation

* Fade in/out

Other Valuable Features:-

* Standalone executable Slide Presentation: export your presentation as an installable program.

* Standalone Slide screensaver: export your presentation as an installable screensaver.

* Web Movie: put your presentation in your favorite web page.

* DVD Format Movie: export your presentation as a movie and then create a movie DVD using your favorite DVD burning software.

http://www.slide-effect.com/download+free+trial">Try the Slideeffect

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Want to

  • Resize, Move, Format, Active, Expand/Extend Partitions without Losing Data.
  • Recover, Resize & Repair partitions.
  • Fix, Backup and Restore Data.
  • Create a bootable CD/DVD.

Here is a free solution for you EASEUS has provided a Free Partition Manager with convenient user-interface which enables you to configure and manage partitions without destroying data. Other features like Partition Copy & Disk Copy Wizard to Protect Data and Hide and unhide partitions make it comparable to professional Partition Managers.

More on Partition Manager

Free Download

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Windows 7 is the new Operating System of Microsoft for use on personal computers, business desktops, and laptops.

Microsoft stated in 2007 that it was planning Windows 7 development for a three-year time frame starting after the release of its predecessor, Windows Vista. Now Microsoft has released a Beta version of Windows 7. So be the first one to test it, experience it and feel it. It will give you a new experience to the future operating systems. Although it's an upgrade to Vista, with the goal of being fully compatible with device drivers, applications, and hardware still it is much more advance than Vista.

Microsoft will soon close its Customer Preview Program for new registrations. So if you want to try the Windows 7 Beta, be sure to register and download within the next few days. (Now would be a good time, actually.)

More on Windows 7

Download Windows 7 Beta

What's new in Windows 7

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Spice has just launched its new model the S-940, VAS-enabled handset, in the Indian market.
The Spice device boasts a 2.4-inch screen and a two-megapixel camera. It has 8MB of internal memory and supports memory cards upto 2GB. The phone weighs 96g and provides endurable battery backup, 350 hour standby and five hours of talk time. Hoping to lead with VAS-enabled handsets in India, Spice S-940 has features like M-Learning, Email 2 SMS and social networking applications.
More Features For its M-learning application, the company has associated with popular learning portal Mgurujee to provide content directed at IIT-JEE, CAT and other competitive exam aspirants. The program also provides test papers and latest updates. Spice S-940 includes features like music player with Dual Speaker Large Screen 2 MP Camera Music Player & FM Recording Stereo Bluetooth, privacy lock, Opera Mini and Reuters. It is available at a cost price of Rs 5999/-.

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Must be unsatisfied with windows file manager utility. Here are few best available File manager utilities on net which provide advance features like advanced file browsing, manipulation like file comparisons, compressions, inbuilt file viewer and file comparison. You can select files to be copied, merging of file is also possible.Here are different online software's available which can meet all your file management requirements: Xplorer2 (Windows, Freeware/Shareware)

Xplorer2 offers a dual-paned interface (plus file tree) with support for tabbed file browsing, bookmarks, FTP access, advanced file filtering, and a robust set of keyboard shortcuts. Xplorer2 comes in both freeware and shareware versions ($30 for Xplorer2 Pro). There's even a portable version of Xplorer2 Lite (the free version) available, so you can drop it on your thumb drive and take this powerful file manager with you wherever you go.

Website: http://zabkat.com/x2lite.htm

Download link: http://zabkat.com/x2lite.htm

Author: Nikos Bozinis

Date: 07/02/2008

Version: LITE

Download file size: 2.7 MB

License: Free for private or academic use

Operating systems supported: Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista Other languages supported: Brazilian, Bulgarian, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish

Additional software required: no

FreeCommander (Windows, Freeware)

FreeCommander boasts many of the same features as the rest, but it also stands out because it's the only app which is entirely free. That means you'll still see features like dual-paned file browsing, seamless ZIP and other archive support, tabbed interface, built-in file viewer and FTP, and all the rest of the goods that make these apps stand out above and beyond Windows Explorer, and you're never stuck with a limited version

Website: http://www.freecommander.com/

Download link: http://www.freecommander.com/fc_downl_en.htm

Author: Marek Jasinski

Date: 17/06/2008

Version: 2008.06

Download file size: 2.3 MB

License: Freeware

Operating systems supported: Windows 2000/XP/Vista (Windows 98SE "is unsupported but might work" according to author)

Other languages supported: Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Mexican Spanish, Norwegian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian

Additional software required: no

XYplorer (Windows, Shareware)

XYPlorer is a completely portable file manager with most of the same bells and whistles as the rest. The major difference is that XYPlorer doesn't offer a dual-pane interface; instead its tabbed interface allows you to drag and drop files from your current window to any tab, giving it similar functionality to dual-pane. It's a keyboard lover's dream, complete with user-defined shortcuts for nearly any task you want to perform with your file manager. It also supports previewing virtually any filetype, including most popular image, audio, and video formats (even FLV files you downloaded from YouTube). XYPlorer is available as a free 30-day trial version, costs $30 for a license.

Website: http://www.xyplorer.com/free.php

Unofficial download link: http://www.321download.com/LastFreeware/page22.html

Author: Donald Lessau

Date: 02/18/2008

Version: 5.55.0002

Download file size: 837 KB

License: Freeware

Operating systems supported: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista Other languages supported: no

Additional software required: msvbvm50.dll - usually included in Windows installations (but not in Vista), available from here.

Total Commander (Windows, Shareware)

Total Commander features side-by-side file-browsing panes, enhanced file search, built-in FTP, archive management, and file comparing tools. Previously known as Windows Commander, this application stands out for its extensibility, boasting a sizable list of add-ons. Total Commander is available as a month-long demo and costs $38 after that.

Directory Opus (Windows, Shareware)

Directory Opus, aka DOpus, is a shareware file manager. Like the rest, DOpus boasts dual-pane browsing along with several other views, tabbed windows, integrated archive support, and built-in FTP. Its preview pane includes full support for viewing photos and even editing your MP3 metadata. Directory Opus is shareware, costs $85 for a single license. You've got a 60-day trial to decide if it's worth the extra cash.


Frigate 3: Frigate3 is a handy file manager with built-in file viewers (DBF, RTF, HTML, DOC, Excel), handy utilities (TreeNotes, StartUp Manager, Calculator, SmartPad, and Directory Size Manager) and a wealth of other options that make managing and browsing through files easy.

The new version of the file manager comes with additional options that

  • simplify writing (recording) files onto CDs,
  • allow use of regular expressions within the Search system,
  • give users the ability to view image files as thumbnails, and utilize a new slide show option.

As a full-functional, advanced modern file manager, Frigate3 comes with network support, FTP file management (include SFTP and FTPS protocols) and various file compression and encryption options (zip, arj, rar, jar, ace, ha, lha, zoo, limit and hyper). The manager is equipped with a program-sorting feature that lets computer users quickly and easily make sense of media files stored on HDDs as well as external drives. In addition, the multithreaded program engine handles any number of concurrent file operations, such as copying, downloading, moving, searching, extracting, compressing and uploading files.

Other handy features of the file manager are folder comparison and size management systems, an advanced search system, built-in MP3 tag and text editors and other cool features. Another advantage of Frigate3 is that it comes with full install/uninstall support and can be used by anybody. Using the file manager is intuitive and requires no special knowledge.

Site: http://www..frigate3.com/index.php

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