After a long check of Beta version Mozilla has released Firefox 3 for download on it's 10th anniversary with a target of Maximum download in a day to setup a Guinness world record. This is the first record attempt of its kind. Mozilla with a punch line "Can a browser really make a web better?" is trying to challenge others with it's performance and feature. So what are you waiting for. Try Firefox 3.0 today. Download Firefox 3.0 Firefox 3 If you are fed up with the same Internet Explorer then also it's a worth try. A really good experience
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An open office suit by IBM named as IBM® Lotus® Symphony™. A tough competitor for open office suit of Sun Microsystem. The advantage with IBM® Lotus® Symphony™ is of Graphical interface. As it's open therefore free to download and use with the features like: Features:

  • Variety of file formats can be imported, edited and saved including Microsoft® Office® files.
  • Documents can be exported to Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF).
  • Supports Microsoft Office 97/XP/2000, Microsoft Office 2003 XML, and Microsoft Rich Text Format
Note: Does not support the OOXML format used by Microsoft Office 2007. Operating System: Awards: "Lotus Symphony awarded Datamation Product of the Year for 2008." - Datamation Magazine, Feb. 12, 2008 Download from here
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Adobe has tied up it's online office suite with beta version of Acrobat.com. Named as Adobe® Buzzword™ Features of acrobat.com are:

  • Create word processing files
  • Share files
  • Convert files into pdf online
  • Hold an online meeting.

  • Invite guests

  • Share your screen

Adobe® Buzzword™ document can be shared for review and comment with a friend or colleague, or can be embedded in website, blog, or wiki.

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Hey Friends, Adobe has released it's Adobe Acrobat, Trial Version 9.0. Newer version can be downloaded from there site. Updated version is more fast and with new features like support for Flash. Download from here.
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How to get Host ID of Computer?

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Host ID:  Host ID is a unique identification for the particular computer and it is often required to verify computers in a licensing agreement.

The standard operating system commands to obtain the host ID of the computer depending upon the operating system you are using are given below:-

OSCommandServer Host ID Type Comments
Windowsipconfig /allETHERNETThe hostid will be returned as the 12 digit hex ‘Physical Address’. Remove the hyphens, ‘-’, before entering it.
HP-UXecho `/bin/uname -i` 16op dcLONGReturns the 8 digit hex host ID.
Linux /sbin/ifconfig eth0ETHERNETReturns a 12 digit hex ‘HWaddr’. Remove the colons.
Solaris/usr/bin/hostidLONGReturns the 8 digit hex host ID.

Learn More on Host ID here.

If you have any other queries or doubts related to Host ID then do Post Here
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