Don't boil water in Microwave

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Micro waved water - a MUST readA 26-year old decided to have a cup of coffee. He took a cup of water and put it in the microwave to heat it up (something thathe had done numerous times before). I am not sure how long he set the timer for, but he told me he wanted to bring the water to a boil. When the timershut the oven off, he removed the cup from the oven. As he looked into the cup, he noted that the water was not boiling, but instantly the water inthe cup "blew up" into his face. The cup remained intact until he threw it out of his hand but all the water had flown out into his face due tothe build up of energy. His whole face is blistered and he has 1st and 2nd degree burns to his face, which may leave scarring. He also may havelost partial sight in his left eye. While at the hospital, the doctor who was attending to him stated that this is fairly common occurrence and water(alone) should never be heated in a microwave oven. If water is heated in this manner, something should be placed in the cup to diffuse theenergy such as: a wooden stir stick, tea bag, etc. It is however a much safer choice to boil the water in a teakettle.
General Electric's (GE) response:
Thanks for contacting us. I will be happy to assist you. Microwaved water and other liquids do not always bubble when they reach the boiling point. They can actually get superheated and not bubble at all. The superheatedliquid will bubble up out of the cup when it is moved or when something like a spoon or tea bag is put into it. To prevent this from happening andcausing injury, do not heat any liquid for more than two minutes per cup. After heating, let the cup stand in the microwave for thirty seconds beforemoving it or adding anything into it.

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Core 2 Duo is a brand name by Intel - Dual-Core is a generic description meaning two separate physical cores in one chip package.

Dual core is simply a generic term referring to any processor package with two physical CPUs in one. The Pentium D, Core Duo, Core 2 Duo and Athlon X2 are all current CPUs that have dual cores in one package.

The Pentium D is simply two Pentium 4 Prescott cpus inefficiently paired together and ran as dual core. The Core Duo is Intel's first generation dual core processor based upon the Pentium M (a Pentium III-4 hybrid) made mostly for laptops (though a few motherboard manufacturers have released desktop boards supporting the Core Duo CPU), and is much more efficiently than Pentium D. The Core 2 Duo is Intel's second generation (hence, Core 2) processor made for desktops and laptops designed from the ground up to be fast while not consuming nearly as much power as previous CPUs. Note - Intel has dropped the Pentium name in favor of the Core architecture as Intel is restructuring and refocusing it's efforts to become number one again (and are doing a fine job, might I add). The AMD Athlon X2 CPUs have two revisions, the first one is essentially very similiar to the Pentium Ds in that they are simply two Athlon 64 chips fused together, making power requirements quite steep (around 89 watts). The second revision is made more efficiently, like the Core Duos, with much less power consumption (around 65 watts).

Dell has a Quad Core,4 Processor computer and Mac has a Dual Quad Core Processor i.e 8 Processors

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