Great and simple Air and Road Distance Calculator.

Bing has come up with a new distance calculator application to find air and ground distance between the two places in a very simple way.

Here I will tell you how to use that application in a very simple way:-

Go to Bing and select Distance Calculator Application, which will give you a distance between two places on the Bing Map.

First of all enter the name of the place and add it. You will find it in your places option below the input box.

Then, select another location from the disambiguation box.

You will also find the flag placed at your inputted locations. You can also drag the flag to the required location for exact and refined results. As soon as you add second location it will give you the Distance between two locations.

You will find two icons one with Aeroplane giving you Distance in Air miles other one of Car or Bus giving you Distance in miles or Kms depending upon your preference selection.

Watch this video for more idea on this application:- Courtsey Youtube

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  1. adamjoony // August 24, 2011 at 2:15 AM  

    Really good and informative blog.This is used to find the distance between air and road.Can be calculate the distance between two postcodes?

    distance calculator

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