Want to Print Maps from Google

Software for printing Google Maps

You can select the desired area of any location of Google Maps and print using freeware made by Augmented Reality.

You can navigate to a specific location on Google Maps and select an area for which you would like to create a map.

You can print out your map directly from the Google website but sometimes the map you want is just too big to fit onto one screen but using this tool (Google Map Buddy) you can select an area (a town, a state etc) at a zoomed-out level - then create a large image at a more zoomed-in level, and this program will stitch the images together for you.

You can create a large .png image of either the street maps or satellite images of an entire city in few seconds and that too at the highest zoom level.

So what are you waiting for try printing Google maps using this tool.

Advance Features of Google Map Buddy:-

  • Store Google Maps offline as images.
  • Print out highest zoom levels maps of entire cities.

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