• Interface RS 232 directly with this Software
  • Save Data from RS232 into PC
RS232 Data Logger(a freeware) by Eltima Softwares is a Data Logger which redirects data from any available real or virtual serial port into a text file for saving and analysis later.
  • redirect incoming data stream into a text file form any number of serial ports simultaneously
  • select the file to redirect incoming data to for each port
  • real-time counter of the received and stored bytes
  • collect data from the real serial ports as well as from virtual ones
  • disable/enable logging on-the-fly
  • append incoming data to already existing file
  • specify serial port connection parameters (baudrate, parity, stop bits, flow control, databits)
  • source code is provided (MFC/C++ VC7.1)
  • works under Virtual Machines
  • compatible with Windows 98/Me/NT 4.x/2000/XP/Vista
Download RS 232 Data Logger


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