Utility Softwares: Award Winning Softwares form Non Tube.

Multiple Find And Replace 1.00: Replace multiple strings in batches of files using advance command system.

Math Educator 1.10 : A simple tool for kids to learn basic maths like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Easy Diary 1.10 : Computer Diary for memories or appointments and day today matter. Easy Diary is multi-user supported where every user can save his own data with own login.

Text Master 1.20: Text Master is a feature rich text editor with following features: * Statistical analysis (letter and word frequencies) * Chat with other online users * Making the text lowercase and uppercase * Command system for extracting the desired text * KeyPress Simulator (press randomly, write correctly) * Full screen view * Find and Replace * Adding date and time * Changeability of background color and font properties


Fx Ball 1.00: A simple Ball game for all fun loving people.

Projectile Shooter 1.10: Another action filled game which includes shooting and projectile motions.


Bits Screensaver 1.20: A Screensaver that makes bits (zeros and ones) slide on screen in Matrix.

Web Related:

Web Coder 1.10: Web Coder is a code based html, asp and php editor with useful features.

HTML Compressor 1.00: Compress your HTML file using this software.


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