Make your PC to work as Cell phone:
  • Send SMS to mobile phones worldwide from your computer.
  • Receive SMS sent to your mobile on your PC. 
  • SMS-chat with your buddies using your computer and mobile phone – just like if you were really online.
  • Use the easy PC keyboard instead of the tricky one on your mobile. 
  • Keep message history. 
  • Exchange vCard data. 
  • No Internet gateways. 
  • No extra service fees. 
  • IrDA, BlueTooth, cable connections, and all major phone models supported.
NexySMS 2.0 also supports EMS for most phones which even doesn't have EMS support.
  • Supporting more than 100 cell phone models;
  • Bluetooth, IrDA, cable connections;
  • Long SMSes;
  • EMS and smiles support;
  • Integrated phonebook;
  • Easy-to-use interface;
  • Windows Vista compatible;


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