How to get Host ID of Computer?

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Host ID:  Host ID is a unique identification for the particular computer and it is often required to verify computers in a licensing agreement.

The standard operating system commands to obtain the host ID of the computer depending upon the operating system you are using are given below:-

OSCommandServer Host ID Type Comments
Windowsipconfig /allETHERNETThe hostid will be returned as the 12 digit hex ‘Physical Address’. Remove the hyphens, ‘-’, before entering it.
HP-UXecho `/bin/uname -i` 16op dcLONGReturns the 8 digit hex host ID.
Linux /sbin/ifconfig eth0ETHERNETReturns a 12 digit hex ‘HWaddr’. Remove the colons.
Solaris/usr/bin/hostidLONGReturns the 8 digit hex host ID.

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